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Kenersys - On-shore Multi-megawatt Wind Turbines

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  • Friday, 4 January 2013
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Based in Muenster (Germany), Kenersys manufactures onshore multi-megawatt turbines for low & medium wind speed sites. Kenersys has two manufacturing facilities, one in Wismar (Germany) and another in Baramati (India) with an annual capacity of 950 MW. They are a part of the Kalyani Group.

    Kenersys manufactures the following on-shore multi-megawatt turbines,

    • K82 - 2 MW, 82 meter rotor diameter, IEC Class II
    • K100 - 2.5 MW, 100 meter rotor diameter, IEC Class II/III
    • K110 - 2.4 MW, 109 meter rotor diameter, IEC Class S**/III
    • K120 - 2.3 MW, 120 meter rotor diameter, IEC Class III

    Kenersys also provides turnkey solutions for wind power projects from site selection to commissioning. They provide both services on demand or contract-based services for their wind turbines. One of their biggest advantages is their flagship Synerdrive technology, developed in-house. 

    Website/Further info: Kenersys 

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