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Five Renewable Energy blogs/sites to follow in India

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  • Sunday, 17 March 2013
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  • Rajesh K
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  • The Indian renewable energy scenario is getting more vibrant, by the day. People are getting environmentally conscious and want to explore various options to tap renewable energy (that is freely available all around us), both for their homes and for their work-places. 

    Here are five blogs/websites that you can follow to get the news, analysis, technology updates, policy updates, articles, etc. for the Indian renewable energy market. 

    1. EnergyNext - EnergyNext is a blog that provides the latest news & updates with regard to the renewable energy industry in India. 

    2. Panchabuta - Panchabuta brings all the latest news/happenings about renewable energy from across India and showcases it in their blog. 

    3. Energy Alternatives India (EAI) -  EAI is involved in a number of activities like organizing conferences, consultancy, etc. specifically for the renewable energy sector. Their newsletter is very popular and they also have a blog.

    4. Indian Power Sector - Indian Power Sector provides info/news about all types of power (incl. renewable energy). They have various categories and you can read about renewable energy topics from appropriate categories in their site. 

    5. Solar Wind Hydro Energy - This is the site that you are reading this article on!! Sorry for the shameless plug, but I felt you might miss it otherwise. While this site does not cover renewable energy news, it covers info about renewable energy companies, products and technologies.

    Based on feedback, I have added the following sites as well -

    6. Renew India Campaign - Renew India Campaign is a multi-author blog/site where authors present the latest news/opinions on major renewable energy industry topics.

    7. RESOLVE - RESolve is a consultant and they provide advisory services on solar/wind energy systems/technologies. They have an active blog (Perspectives and Insights) that is frequently updated with opinion and insights for the renewable energy industry in India.

    8. The Solar India - The Solar India is a directory for various solar energy companies/products in India. They also write articles on solar energy in India, that can be found on their site. 

    Most of the above mentioned blogs/sites allow you to follow the latest news/topics/articles via email, facebook, twitter, etc. So, if you are a clean energy enthusiast in India, you should be following these blogs. 

    Other than blogs/sites specific to renewable energy, every major news paper in India has a dedicated section for environment/clean-tech that provides a lot of information about renewable energy developments in the country/world. 

    If you have a blog/website dedicated to giving information on renewable energy in India, do add the name of your site in the comments section below.    
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