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Solar-powered Beach House in Kerala, India: Marari Villas Bougainvillea

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  • Wednesday, 17 December 2014
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  • Rajesh K
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  • Marari Villas Bougainvillea is a solar-powered beach house/villa in the South Indian state of Kerala, known for its beaches, rivers, backwaters & coconut trees. The two-bedroom villa with a lounge & garden is equipped with many modern amenities and services, while retaining the traditional Indian architecture. As this property is located next to a beach, guests can enjoy beach view from within the rooms.

    The best thing about this villa, located in a small village in central Kerala, near Aleppy and Cochin, is it is completely off-grid and it uses solar power for electricity and hot water. I hope more tourist homes/properties adopt solar energy for their needs and stay completely off the grid, especially those in remote locations. 

    You can know more about Marari Villas Bougainvillea from their website. Don't forget to see the stunning 360 Degree tour/view of the property from here.
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